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 Motorrad 1989 number 22

Motorrad 1990 number 7

Motorrad-Magazin 1992 number 9

Motorrad-Reisen&Sport 1990 number 2

Motorradfahrer 1990 number 6

Motorrad-Magazin 1990 number 1

Bike-Magazine 1990 March

MotorCyclist 1992 January

TwoWheels 1990 December (Australia)

Motorcycle-Sport 1990 December

Ride 1990 July

Moto-Journal 1990 February

Name unknown

Motorcycle International 1994 Sept.

PS Die Motorrad Zeitung 1990 February

The 1000S in the motorcycle magazines

At the bottom are (only) the covers of the motorcycle magazines describing the 1000S. The 1000SE magazines are fully available.

To my knowledge, nothing has ever appeared about the 1000S in the Netherlands. Various publications can be read as a PDF file on the French 1000S website. In the "Moto Guzzi Koerier", the club magazine of the Moto Guzzi club Netherlands, various articles have been published about the 1000S. The Koerier is also available online (Dutch only).

These are direct links to articles about the 1000S in the Courier:

-1990 № 1: Short translation from a German test (right column and next page)

-1996 № 7:  Conversion to VHSB carburettors (read the Mikuni carb. Article after this)

-1999 № 6:  From B10 to 7006 camshaft

-2000 № 5: Conversion to Mikuni carburettors

-2000 № 6:  Throttle cable transmission for the Mikuni carburetors

-2001 № 5: Article about the 1000S

-2001 № 10:  Other pushrods

-2003 № 5:  Valve springs

-2010 № 8: 1000S ‘meeting’ (only three...) Front page and the article

Moto Guzzi 1000SE: Bike October 1991

(Thanks Bertrand)

bike_okt_1991_a.jpg bike_okt_1991_b.jpg bike_okt_1991_c.jpg

1000SE: Motorcycle International December 1991

(Thanks Bertrand)

motorcycle_okt_1991_a.jpg motorcycle_okt_1991_b.jpg motorcycle_okt_1991_c.jpg motorcycle_okt_1991_d.jpg motorcycle_okt_1991_e.jpg motorcycle_okt_1991_f.jpg

Covers of motorcycle magazines describing the 1000S