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Looking for a Moto Guzzi 1000S?

The 1000S is not often for sale. It is easier to find a 1000S abroad (depending where you live). In Germany you have the greatest chance of finding something. Below are some websites where the search can begin: (Tips for foreign advertising websites are welcome)

- A German advertising website for cars and motorbikes.

- Search in Germany (search results mainly brochures and parts).

- Search worldwide (search results mainly leaflets and parts).

- Free advertisement website of Ebay in Germany.

Original parts for the 1000S

Some parts for the 1000S are no longer available; seat, tank, side covers, footrest brackets, front and rear mudguard, exhausts and lower fork legs.

- Footrest brackets:

Are the same as those of the Le Mans 1000, so they can still be found second-hand.

- Side covers:

Only unpainted, but made of polyester for the Le Mans 850, which can also be used on the 1000S (shop link).

- Decal 1000S logo and stripes:

1000S logo on the side covers: (shop link) (HMB-Guzzi Germany)

Complete set of stickers for the tank and side covers, in green and orange. (Stucchi Italy)

Complete set of stickers for the tank and side covers, in green and orange. (Teo Lamers Holland)

Set of stickers only for the side panels in orange. (Stein-Dinse Germany)

Don’t expect equal quality of the original decals, some of the stickers are not matching the colors or quality of the originals by far. I am not going to put names here, but here is an example of some poor quality stickers.

- Uitlaten:

First series 1000S: (Lafranconi S-281)> are the same as the exhausts of the last Le Mans 1000 V. Can be found second-hand.

Second series 1000S: (Lafranconi S-29)> are equal to the Mille GT, T5, SP-2 and the California II. Can be found second-hand.

- Lower fork legs:

They are almost identical to those of the Le Mans 1000 V (last series), maybe still be found second-hand. The top brackets for the Le Mans 1000 forkbrace can be filed away, but they don't get in the way if they are kept in place.

Comparison of the 1000S fork legs with those of the Le Mans 1000 V.

Hermann, thanks for the photo!

Differences between spoked and cast wheel

- Front wheel dimensions:

Cast wheel, tubeless.               Front:18 x 2.5    Rear: 18 x 3.0

Spoked wheel, with inner tube. Front:18 x 2.15  Rear: 18 x 2.5  

- Distance between the brake discs: (outside brake discs)

Cast wheel:     120mm

Spoked wheel: 130mm

- Brake calipers and lower fork legs:

Because the disc brakes are mounted 5mm further outwards on both sides of the spoked wheel, additional 5mm spacers are placed between the caliper and the contact surface on the front fork. This can be aligned even more precisely with shims. The lower fork legs have extra recesses to give space to the brake discs mounted further outwards.

- Rear wheel axle:

The rear wheel axle has no differences between the spoked and cast wheel.

- Front wheel axle:

The spoked front wheel axle has different dimensions. See picture:


Photos and sizes courtesy of Daryl

vulring_remklauw_spaakwiel_e.jpg vorkpoot_spaakwiel_e.jpg

Color code for the 1000S

There are no well usable color numbers known for the 1000S. The only info I have are these links:

- Gregory Bender, with his website

- Color codes from the database of the Moto Guzziclub Netherlands.

Additional information is welcome.